Vegetarians proceed with caution…Meat-y Weekend

So this weekend was somewhat of a foodie weekend. Or supposed to be. I looked at menus, planned my attack, really thought I had some delicious-ness in store for me. And I did, in some respects. I don’t want to slam either restaurant…but I found myself feeling very BLAH Sunday, when I’m usually amped up to share my ‘wares’ (new restaurant experiences) with friends & family…


Extremely, extremely disappointing. I hate writing ‘bad’ reviews, so I will in a non-eloquent way skip to the nitty-gritty.

  • We were seated late and had to wait at the bar which isn’t ideal, but the service at the bar was mediocre to say the least…
  • When we were finally seated, we waited forever for a menu and a waiter
  • When we finally ordered, we waited a long time for our appetizers
  • When we finally got out entrees (which took a very long time after our appetizers/having already waited a long time we were not thrilled..) my Swordfish was cold and poorly cooked. Sh*t happens. But here’s where it got unfortunate. I really do not complain at restaurants. I don’t send things back. But cold Swordfish that is hard to cut is hardly acceptable. I told them it was cold and they kind of seemed perplexed, like did I actually want them to DO something about it. Uhm…yes por favor? So I nicely asked for them (after they asked ME what I WOULD LIKE THEM TO DO) to bring me a new dish, cooked properly. What they brought back was apparently my dish, re-cooked. And the chorizo the swordfish came with was on the side, half-eaten since I had taken a bite before sending it back. My jaw definitely dropped open…
  • I don’t think I need to go into the rest of the meal. They hardly seemed too concerned, it took a VERY long time so get a new Swordfish dish and they gave us “free sorbet/ice cream” at the end which to be honest? I didn’ t want anyway…So that was very underwhelming.

So on that note….! ON TO THE:


MEAT. I was slightly disappointed in the Breslin’s food, but more because of all the hype. Service was great, shout out to our waiter with the 1,000 ear piercings, he was a very cool plaid-clad dude. My only beef with him was when I asked how the lamb burger was he replied “Well, I mean it’s been on TV.” To which I replied “Mc Donald’s burgers are also features on TV” šŸ™‚ But all in good fun, he was a great waiter and we enjoyed our meat-y celebration.

  • Terrine Board (featured above) this was actually delicious. I’m not a terrine fan but I found them all to be extremely well done and not salty as often this manner of food (terrine/pate) tend to be for me
  • Lamb Scrumpets: delicious, but what isn’t really good fried…
  • Beef & Stilton Pie: like a little baby pot pie. With beef. MMM.
  • Lamb Burger & Mackerel: M & I split the lamb burger and the mackerel. The mackerel was a mistake, but that would be my mistake for ordering fish in a plan that tauts it’s full pig carved table-side as a must have. So the fish was nothing great, and unfortunately the lamb burger was EXTREMELY salty. And I like my sodium. The taste was there, but it just didn’t work together.
  • Stuffed Pig Leg: Yes, my carnivorous Father & Brother tucked into this together and found it delicious but…salty. Seemed sodium was the theme of the night….?

I suggest the drinks & apps at the Breslin. The apps are extremely well executed, but I just didn’t feel the main courses had me running back for dinner….

I did also work out, I swear. I enjoy a fantastic REFINE METHOD class with the lovely Dori. But I think I will separate the meat and sweat since this post is getting rather lengthy….Oh and bridesmaid dresses have also been officially finalized. Stay tuned šŸ™‚

Tell me. Am I a beyotch? (really, shoot me straight!) What would YOU have expected would have been Fishtag’s reaction to the swordfish situation…?


12 thoughts on “Vegetarians proceed with caution…Meat-y Weekend

  1. I sent something back on Sat night too. I normally do not. BUT I’d had this dish before and the noodles were DRY and couldn’t be cut w/ a fork…not acceptable. And, the 2nd one sucked too and I usually take half home for the next day’s lunch and couldn’t. SO not only did I sent it back once but then I sent it back again and told them to take it off the bill. šŸ˜¦ Not like me at all but sometimes it’s just not acceptable šŸ˜¦ sorry for your yucky experience!

  2. wowww i’m shocked! i feel like i’ve heard that fishtag was supposed to be good! glad i can check that off my places to dabble with šŸ™‚ i totally need to get my butt to serafinas one day!

  3. Playing FishTag with an improperly cooked piece of fish is suitable for HoJo’s but not a real restaurant. They should have brought you a new entree or, at the very least if the fish was undercook drastically, fired it up and redone the full plate to look like the original. If the entree is cold it does not get re heated unless it is a soup! Breslin… too salty… I couldn’t agree more!! Someone in that kitchen needs their salt shaker privileges revoked ASAP….

  4. You ladies are right, I probably should post on Yelp. I hate to be a brat, but they kind of ‘ought to know’. Even though, unfortunately, I think the manager WAS involved which was even worse, YIKES!!! šŸ™‚

  5. Not in any way was that rude. I hate to complain too but OMG it seems like in the last year I have eaten at many restaurants where I was less than impressed by the cold or overcooked meals. I hate eating somewhere and being bothered that I could’ve cooked something better at home AND believe me I am not a culinary expert to say the least. You are such a lucky gal to be around so many amazing places to choose from though.

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