ohhh Mexico…

So as NYC gets slaughtered by winter weather, and I get a perma-earful of people complaining about the snow or, discussing the snow. Or commenting on the snow. Or looking at the snow. Or lamenting the snow. Or mentioning the snow….(could I make it any more clear that I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE SNOW!!! We live in New York, friends. We have seasons. One of them is Winter. Ok, stepping off my Winter-deal-with-it soapbox now...) I do find myself perusing pictures of my December vacation to Nuevo Vallarta longingly. So if you want to step into the sun for a moment with me, I can take you on a brief trip down memory lane...

It started with an amazing find on Expedia. A spa package, a week vacation to Taheima resort. It really sounded too good to be true, all inclusive, one 60 minute massage per person per day, all you can drink…YES I SAID ONE MASSAGE PER DAY!!!? I know, I nearly perished. M & I had been a bit crazy at work, a bit busy and were needing a little R&R in a big way. Enter, Taheima.

The place was paradise. Beautiful, small, private and QUIET. We weren’t looking for a clubby vacation, we really wanted to relax and regroup and ring in 2011. So here is our vacation in pictures (after I deftly talked the concierge into upgrading us to a 2 bedroom with a private pool. yes, my clothes needed their own room…)

There was food. Delicious, healthy food served “spa style”.Β  Fresh ceviches, whole grain chips, salads, grilled shrimp with brown rice, basically a health-conscious foodie’s dream come true. This would be the one meal we ate off premise. And no, the copious amounts of oil and disgustingly large portion was not healthy. But we all need it live it up sometimes.

There was silly-ness. An overabundance of kissy-face definitely permeated our 200 pictures we ended up with…

There was a private pool. Outside of our room. Enough said.

More silly-ness. And drinking. We’ve never claimed to be cool or chic. Or sober. This is how we roll.

And there was eye-candy. Future hub-sa. Not too bad on the eyes if I say so myself.

and there was relaxation. oh the trials and tribulations of leaving the pool for your nightly massage… and apparently a brave pic of myself in a bikini. YIKES.

So, it’s adios Mexico, and I’m stuck here in the NYC snow globe. But the good news is…. it’s time to plan the HONEYMOON! So two questions for my lovely readers:

1. Where did you go on your honeymoon or where do you WANT TO GO on your eventual honeymoon??? We’re looking at so many places, help!!!!!! πŸ™‚

2. What is your most recentΒ  or memorable vacation that you could just flip through pics of forever???





39 thoughts on “ohhh Mexico…

  1. I got married in September and because of work issues, we had to postpone our honeymoon. We’re going to Thailand for the first 2 weeks of June. I *cannot* wait! I’m in desperate need of a relaxing vacation.

    The honeymoon location was all his choice… As I dealt with wedding stuff, that was his one task that was all him. I took out way too many Fodor’s books from the library and he ended up with Thailand!

  2. i just came across your blog and thought i’d say hello! have fun planning your wedding and honeymoon, what an exciting time! my husband and i didn’t have a honeymoon, technically. then again, we got married in Fiji so i guess it was all in one. (yup, it’s a hard life… πŸ™‚ )

  3. 1. I surprised my wife until the point of the airport; asked her not to pack any clothes and took her to Paris for a week, bought her outfits there (all kinds)…then proceeded to the southern coast of Spain for another week (Marbella). People, food, nightlife, all awesome! Driving down the “costa del sol” highway along the ocean toward Gibraltar is incredible. Further, you can stop off at any stretch of that drive, beaches are open, quiet, and discrete (great 1×1 time :0 !).

    2. Depending on how you feel, Newport, Rhode Island is another favorite of ours. Aside from America’s Cup; the history, food, and people are great! Incidentally, the Mansion Walk offers breathtaking views (waves crashing, right out of the movies).


    Terry D.

    • Terry-
      If you could email this to my fiance directly that would be MOST appreciated πŸ™‚ I kid..sort of. That is absolutely INCREDIBLE, it sounds UNREAL!! Thank you thank you for that story and the suggestions!!

      • Btw, if you do travel to Paris someday, take Air France, tres bien! They get the service component really well…

  4. WOW does that look fabulous – one massage PER DAY and not sober? What other way is there to vacation??? πŸ˜‰ I’ve never really done a warm winter get-away, but this is so convincing…not that I’m complaining as we don’t have ANY snow in Colorado right now….(KNOCK ON WOOD)

  5. I get that we have snow here but does the snow have to smack my face??!

    I am so jealous of your Mexico trip. And yes, you look AMAZING in your bikini. You and M make quite the gorgeous couple!

  6. We are ‘outdoorsy’~ A Canadian and a ‘Uper’ we were excited about road tripping it and camping in the mountains! It was amazing!! Hiking, watching a lightning storm from the top of a mountain, fresh air, etc! We try to take mini trips together sans children. last time was 4, YES 4 years ago to Tokyo for my Hub’s 29th Birthday. This time it is to Manhattan in May πŸ™‚ Luckily we live in Okinawa which is a tropical island (cold right now, but will be nice and toasty in about a month!). I think I speak for many when I say I could really learn to love having a massage everyday!!! Looked like a blast!!! Gorgeous swim suit, hottie πŸ˜‰

  7. Guilty as charged!! I write songs about my love for the snow as I stand and stare it in Central Park. I Would say more about SNOW, but that wouldn’t be nice.

    For my honeymoon we went to Tuscany and it was the best most amazing vacation of my life.

    You two are gorgeous, btw!

  8. I went to DC last summer with my boyfriend and even though we’ve been dating for 6 years it was the first ‘real’ all alone vacation we’ve been on. DC was great for us and cheap because most entertainment is free but obviously not a great honeymoon spot=) I think I’d like to travel around Europe for a few weeks discovering different places for my future honeymoon! I’ve been a few places there already and loved it so I’d want to share my next experience with someone special!

  9. We went to Costa Rica! It was awesome, beautiful beaches and fun stuff like white water rafting and rainforest canopy tours! Very bonding for a honeymoon, especially considering the “Holy shit, is that a scorpion in our shower??” moments πŸ™‚

  10. Love the pictures! We went to Cap Juluca and absolutely loved it! It is the perfect week long honeymoon location as the flight is only 5 hours and its plenty warm! It was amazing! Check out my pics on Facebook πŸ™‚

  11. Woooahhh your hubby to be is HOT! hehe
    We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon- Oahu and Maui. It was awesome… but if I could go anywhere I would go to Fiji or Tahiti…

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