I had other really brilliant post titles. Ones that would surely tantalize your senses and blow your mind. So instead, I went with this one…Last night’s NYC Restaurant week dinner at Ed’s Chowder House was a beautiful redemption after last weekends restaurant fails.

Restaurant week for those not familiar is when many of NYC’s top restaurants offer $35, 3 course prix fixe menus. It’s a great deal and a fantastic way to check out some pricey places for more reasonable prices. That being said, I am often disappointed in restaurant week menus. They are not usually the ‘prime’ choices on the menu (understandably so, but still, this is simply stating the facts) and sometimes the portions are rather chintzy whereas the restaurant normally serves more robust portions off the normal menu. So I don’t always partake in NYC Restaurant week, it can be hit or miss. Luckily, with Ed’s Chowder House, along with 2 other couples, M and I enjoyed a terrific restaurant week meal and experience.

First off, we got the money table. Yes, I’m putting that in green for you. You know, that awesome, incredibly large and pimp posh table where you don’t have to sit on top of other patrons? Or your friends? Victory was ours. We were led to this gem to start the night off right (actual image of the table found online! someone must agree with my pimp status for this table…)

Holler. It was uphill from there. The six of us were immediately attended to by the waiter, which after last week’s Fishtag debacle was a shining beacon of hope for me. In a dark, dark NYC Restaurant Sea (I’m never dramatic. Ever.).

  • The service was spectacular. We had a knowledgeable and honest waiter willing to tell it like it was (ie: “The snapper is 110% better than the pasta, I stand behind that.”) and deliver, what should be, quintessential NYC service. Again, you don’t always see this during restaurant week, unfortunately, since the meal is less expensive and obviously the tips aren’t as good. Just call it like I see it.
  • The food was amazing. Fresh, delicious and extremely generous portions. M & I shared: Manhattan clam chowder (made with crab, not clam, and utterly delicious), salmon tartare to start followed by the snapper (served over a delicious mushroom risotto with parsnips) and the surf & turf (hangar steak w/shrimp). I also ordered a side of brussels sprouts, since I can’t remember the last time in 3 years I haven’t ordered them if available. Favorite. Side dish. Of. All. Time. Everything was well cooked, fresh and with complimentary flavors. Highly impressive.
  • Everything left you wishing you could try another dish. To me, that is the mark of a good restaurant. The good old “This is delicious, I so wish I could also try the…” When you have that feeling about a place, it’s good news.
  • Dessert. Here is where service met delicious in a beautiful harmony of awesomeness. And yes, I just crafted that sentence from the deepest depths of my soul ;). Our waiter decided to bring us over some “extras” for the table. Be still. My heart. Each couple ordered the pear tarte and the banana sundae, thinking we would each split them between ourselves. Our waiter had other ideas for our waistlines evening….

Behold, aΒ  truly drool-worthy Blackberry picture of our dessert spread. No sarcasm intended for this gem. I mean, just please notice the lighting…the positioning… πŸ™‚

Well, it ain’t pretty. But it was delicious-iosa. Banana creme pie and fresh chocolate donuts…

Well, time to get to the gym πŸ˜‰

Tell me, my fellow foodie lovelies; what are some of the things you think makes for a great restaurant??? And what’s on tap for your weekend?? (also, some of your amazing comments have been going into my SPAM! Trying to rectify this because I can’t say enough how your awesome comments make me smile!! xoxo)

Be back tomorrow with some more restaurant fun and maybe some wedding goodies….



ps) just because she’s delicious-ly adorable, a Friday treat:

pps) for all of my snow-lovers πŸ˜‰ this is what my block looked like yesterday. jersey-la was not thrilled on her morning walk…


23 thoughts on “chow-dah.

  1. This restaurant sounds so great! I am so happy you loved your meal. And your desserts, omg! I’m celebrating restaurant week next week at Mesa Grill, pretty excited about the menu especially the warm banana cake. Mmmmmmmmm cannot wait.

  2. LOVING the money table – fabulous! I like a restaurant with good food and great service – I don’t ask for much and WOW, when a restaurant can’t do those 2 things it makes me want to pull my hair out! Today i’m shopping with my mom & sis and tonight i’m hanging with the fam – my husband… overserved himself a bit last night. I don’t think he’ll be up for much! LOL Happy Saturday!

  3. That place sounds great! I agree about restaurant week – I am usually hesitant to take advantage because the food always seems a bit subpar and the waiters always a bit snobby. I am noting this restaurant though – since they seem to break the mold.

  4. Just found your blog. I wish I lived in manhattan! I would love to eat at a new place each week. I’ll be back; dam now I’m hungry.
    Ps I hate when people lurk behind me waiting for me to finish the treadmill. Ear-eye-ta-ting!

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