Favorite thangz Friday

No, this is not a unique concept. Probably every blogger does it. But I find it to be highly amusing, and I LOVE hearing what people are loving right now (so please, fabulous commenters share YOURS!)

1. Candles. I have been rocking enjoying this candle from Anthropologie for a couple of years now and have never changed it up. I have one in my bedroom and one in the living room (errr I only really HAVE two rooms…) I love ‘signature scents’. Lighting it in the evening just makes me feel peaceful. For about 10 seconds before my mind is racing again that it….

2. My Seven Jeggings. I haven’t purchased a pair of Seven Jeans since college. I just found them not to fit me well and I didn’t love how popular they became. That all changed at the SCOOP sale where i scooped (punnyyy) up a pair for $50. They are so soft and stretchy and were vanity sized one size below what i normally wear. Who could resist? Needless to say, I virtually live in the these.

3. Vetri Restaurant in Philadelphia. Well, ok, I always love this. This is M’s favorite restaurant in the world (friendly reminder, we live in NYC). I have been once and he has been twice. The restaurant is located a little off the main beaten path of Philly and in a little townhouse. I just want to pinch its cute little cheeks:

The last time we went, we went a night early to my friend’s wedding in order to go. As in stayed in a hotel an extra night in order to go. True story. And we bought the cookbook. AND left it for Marc Vetri to sign AND went to pick it up the next day like total creepshow. AND closed down the restaurant so I coyly asked for (and received!!) a tour of their meat curing set up in their cellar and kitchen. AND now? We’re doing it again. KRose (of THE bachelorette this weekend) is getting married in Philly in late March and M’s bday is in late March. A perfect ‘marriage’ (might need to rename this “punny Friday”….) if you will. See you in philly, my little onion crepe

4.  Sumo Squats. Mainly (most likely) because I like thinking of myself as a giant sumo wrestler. But secondarily, these are DAMN hard and make me feel pretty bad ass. Plus, nabbing her stomach out of it wouldn’t be half bad

Using a heavy barbell, this exercise always gets my abs, butt and arms. Gotta love those three-fers.

5.  Twitter. I used to not ‘get’ twitter. But now that a couple of my friends tweet and I follow Oprah I find it very amusing. Feel free to follow me and enjoy my random musings and rants.

Plus, when that little “@” mention sign comes up on your phone? I mean come on you feel cool. Especially when it’s a spammer telling you they have the perfect weight loss solution for you. Then you just feel fat even cooler.


So lovelee ladies (and gents!) what is something you’re favorite-ing this Friday???

OFF shortly to bachelorette KRose this weekend, recap post to follow Monday. Don’t miss me too much this weekend. That goes for all 5 of you… 😉




Workout Playlist

Inspired by the gorgeous & fabulous Melissa I decided this would be a fun post to do. I actually do not run with music when I run outdoors. I know, many of you just spit out your beverage on your computer….

Ok, that’s just a gratuitous ugly picture of me being weird at MKush’s bachelorette in VEGAS. We’ll get back to bachelorettes later on in this post, stay tuned 😉  Here is me really, running the NYC Marathon sans tunes:

Back Story: About two years ago I was running a NYRR race (to help qualify for the NYC Marathon and as  training run for a half marathon I had coming up). I got to the start line of the race, moments before the gun and realized I had forgotten my iPod. For a 10 mile run. I had never run more than to grab a cab without listening to music. I immediately panicked, assuming I would never be able to finish the race. I started running, completely freaked out and pissed off at myself, and then all of sudden something happened. I was enjoying myself. I didn’t miss the music. I love the sights and sounds around me (this is not always the case, someone one hurled in a close proximity to me and this is a post for another time but i have an CLINICAL fear of vomit, like you have no idea…i digress…) I finished the 10 miles and never listened to my iPod again when I ran outside. HOWEVER, when I run on the treadmill I do sometimes like to imbibe me some tunes. And when I spin, I definitely choose my instructor based on their playlist just as much as their motivation or fun-ness. Yes, fun-ness is a word. My word. Anyhoo.

Lately here has what’s been getting me going (that sounded bad, but i’m leaving it anyway):

  • Dynamite – Taio Cruz (i mean, who doesn’t want to throw their hands up in the air sometimes…)
  • Only Girl in the World – Rhianna (true dat, sista)
  • Firework – Katy Perry (baby you’re a)
  • Like a G-6 – Far East Movement (I don’t know what a G-6 is but it seems bad as* and i kinda wanna be one)
  • Bottoms Up – Treyz Songz (no, that is not the incorrect spelling. he singz songz)
  • Tonight I’m Loving You – Enrique Iglesisas (i never thought i would see him on a playlist of mine after middle school….but i guess i still like to bailamos…)
  • Yea 3x – Chris Brown (yeaaa)
  • F’n Perfect – Pink (because who doesn’t like to be told they’re f-n perfect?)
  • Hold it Against Me – Britney Spears (I know, I just lost my dignity and my street cred all at once…)

Wandering Around the Gym Cool Down:

  • Marry Me – Train
  • “F*** You” – Cee Lo (no, the song is not “forget you” and yes i like to bop around my gym to this. at home i run around the apartment risky business style *w/pants on usually* and slide around to this song. don’t ask)
  • Grenade – Bruno Mars (i don’t know why, it’s just so romantic that he would catcha grenade forya, no?)
  • Down on Me – Jermih (but all i can think about when i hear this is this youtube video someone sent me like three months ago. literally, this kid is amaze-la. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dwimc4cvUmQ )


Enough about me (wait, I guess a blog is a place to shamelessly talk all about yourself for pages and pages…so never mind, never enough about me in that case…  😉 )

And for the FUNNEST news of the day, heading to Vermont tomorrow to celebrate FUNK’s (real name KRose until she marries her man in March) bachelorette! There will be drinking, massaging (by professionals, mind out of the gutter friends…) and general debauchery. I will beg her for some pictures and to allow me to post a recap to the crazyness that is sure to transpire.
So finally, loveleees….Tell me some of your current workout jams? And most AWESOMELY bad songs on your workout mix? AND tell me about your bachelorette and or one you’ve been too! Still time for great ideas before tomorrow…!

My Song Answer: I would say mine could be Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas”. Let me clarify. This is one of the best songs in the ENTIRE WORLD (stand firmly behind that statement) just not appropos in July. But then again “hangin tough” might also fall into this category…i should stop before i lose all of my 5 readers…

i was MIA…i’ll make it up to you.

sooo…i’ve been MIA. i’m sure all four of you missed me. two people (ok fine, they’re longtime friends and my family, SO WHAT!?!?!) asked me to post. so here i am.

quick recap:

  • I GOT A NEW JOB!!!! That is why I was MIA. Obviously for privacy reasons I won’t be disclosing where I am working but let’s just say I’m absolutely thrilled. It was a huge career move and I can’t wait to begin that journey on 3/7.
  • That is the recap. You can, perhaps, imagine it was a lil’ crazy around here.

So some restaurant reviews are in the hopper…and I saw this floating around and thought it was pretty amusing

A. Age: 27. Oldddie but a goodie 🙂

B. Bed size: queen. Need. A. king. Dog, 70lbs. Fiance 6’5. Me 5’9. Dammit, spoiled one of my amazing answers below with my height admission..forgive.

C. Chore you hate: taking out the garbage. Thanks, M!!

D. Dogs: mine is the cutest. But love ‘em all.

E. Essential start to your day: snooze button my phone multiple times. Those 5 minutes are precious.

F. Favorite color: black. It’s a color.

G. Gold or silver: eh, gold for costume jewelry, silver color (platinum for the other stuff 😉 )

H. Height: 5’9. 6 ft + in heels.

I. Instruments you play: violin. I was amazing.

J. Job title: as of 3/7/11….Junior Account Executive

K. Kids: as long as they’re not crying/yelling/biting and they’re yours, not mine, i dig.

L. Live: Manhattan. The island of.

M. Mom’s name: Joanieeee. Actually Joan. Hi, Ma!

N. Nicknames: sass, sassafrass, sa, rap, rapatap, rappy, many other variations of my first and last name.

O. Overnight hospital stays: can’t remember if i stayed overnight when I broke my arm? Ma??

P. Pet peeve: People who are mean. Fix your own life, stop being bitter Betty and leave me OUT of it. Also, people who complain and don’t do anything about said complaints. Hi, you have one life. Live it. Today.

Q. Quote from a movie: “QUICK! Which do you like better? Christmas or wedding season???” Name that movie!

R. Right or left handed: right. Golf lefty. Spesh.

S. Siblings: younger brother, Waymo. aka James.

T. Time you wake up: anywhere from 5:45am-ish to 8amish (I work 5 mins from work right now but that’s changing 3/7…) 🙂

U. Underwear: Shout out to IPratt for convincing me my drawer should be filled with Hanky Pankies. You’re a friend, but not to my bank account.

V. Vegetables you dislike: none. True story. Bring ‘em on. Ok, this picture is creepy, no?:

W. What makes you run late: nothing. I’m aggressively early.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: many.

Y. Yummy food you make: everything, obviously. Ok not really. But I did make epic latkes at Hanukkah. Mazel to me.

Z. Zoo- favorite animal: baby white tigers. Want. One. Now. and ps you’re welcome for this picture:

So, lovelies, what have YOU been up to?? But more importantly, what is YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE QUOTE???

Dirty Jersey.

Since Tina over at CarrotsNCake so graciously featured my little gigantic lovebug on her site today, I thought it would be fun to share Jersey’s ‘story’ with all of my lovely readers. So despite being a purebred, Jersey is 100% a rescue dog.

Name: (Dirty) Jersey

Namesake: The great state of NJ where M hails from

Nickname: dirty, jerz, jerz-e-la, la-la, pup-a-la, monkey-butt, butt, STOP!!! and many others 😉

Hobbies: sleeping, running way too fast in the apartment and skidding on the hardwood floors, tearing apart any toy which is deemed ‘indestructible’, trying to scam food from anyone who isn’t looking, licking the coffee table in the hopes of swiping something good, rolling around in the dirt at the dog run and getting as filthy as humanly possible.

We adopted her off of Craigslist in September of 2008. We had fostered and English Bulldog (he was a homeless man’s dog, extremely emaciated and left by the man at an animal hospital since he couldn’t care for him and Georgi was starving) for months with the intention of adopting him. Unfortunately,  Georgi needed a home with people who didn’t work outside of the home, when he gained the 25lbs he needed to gain under our care he suffered from crippling and destructive separation anxiety that we/he couldn’t manage. After we helped adopt Georgi out, I was heartbroken. I really wanted another dog to fill the void, but we waited MONTHS.

I would always go on Craiglist and peruse, unsure as to what breed we wanted. I contacted some breeders of Vizslas, and began thinking maybe I wanted a short-coated active breed. One day, I randomly searched “Weimaraner” (which I had never done before, it wasn’t a breed I had necessarily considered but is in the Vizsla family) while on Craiglist. An ‘ad’/adoption post popped up for a 6 month old housetrained puppy who needed a home. The ad has been posted mere hours before. I figured it was too good to be true, she was just too adorable for words in the picture, but I thought there had to be something karmatic about the search and the timing of the ad posted…so I went for it. I’m sure the fact that ‘the rest is history’ isn’t too hard to guess here 🙂

Since I am totally crazypants anal, I save all important email correspondence. So I dug this little gem out of the archives for you to see the email I sent to Jersey’s former owner on that fateful Craigslist-surfin day:

On Sat, Sep 6, 2008 at 3:51 PM, Sara wrote:
I would really like to hear more about your Weim. My boyfriend and I live in the West Village. We’re HIGHLY active (I run 20 miles a week on a daily basis) and are out and about ALL weekend long at outdoor brunch places and walking down the Hudson river. We want an active dog to share our life with. We’re financially secure, responsible and looking to share our lives and take the responsibility of a dog. We have a dog walker in our building who we would use 5 days a week and or we would supplement with a well known day care facility (Biscuits and Bath) for socialization purposes. I would love to hear more about the puppy in terms of your schedule and his (daily)…I look forward to hearing from you!

We emailed back and forth the entire day and it turned out the woman had adopted Jersey (then Macie!) off Craigslist as well! The story seems to be that she was ‘returned’ to a (most likely) back yard breeder in CT who then posted her on Craigslist. The woman and her family (including two small girls) had had her for about 2 months and were moving to take care of a sick relative and couldn’t bring her with them.

When we met her, we were hooked. She was a leggy ‘teenage’ puppy who could barely walk on a leash. She was all over the place. But beyond her spastic exterior was the sweetest, kindest, softest puppy with the most gorgeous shiny grey coat and eyes. She literally just melted your heart (and still does). We all met in the Washington Square Dog Run, and moments after meeting her I turned to M and said “this is our dog“.  And she is and she was. Chairs, couches and coffee tables have all fallen prey to her puppy chewing, she was hospitalized a mere three months after we got her to the tune of a gazillion a lot of money and tears, spayed TWICE (another story for another time), but we couldn’t love her more if she tried.

Whenever she snarfles on the floor (drinks water, then sneezes or drools is all over). Drools a quart of saliva waiting for her dinner to be put down, or crashes through the gate we use for her (in an effort to protect what is left of the couch) sending it careening across the floor, we love her more.

Jers-e-la, you’re one of a kind, princess.

So lovelies, do YOU have any pets? If so, do they have a good ‘story’? Jersey had three families before the age of 7 months!? Or do they ‘help you blog’? :

Had some great workouts and delicious weekend eats…off to a fun spot tonight as well… Recap to follow 🙂



‘Beauty’ Routines…betty or a boop?

As I watched the fabulous gym go-ers of Equinox get ready this morning in my native Soho gym, I got to thinking about post-gym (and pre-gym) beautification routines. Sometimes I feel like a field anthropologist in the locker room (any anthropologists out there please don’t be offended,  I’m hardly serious or half intelligent enough to have your job!!) I find it so fascinating how people go about getting ready for their day. I have categorized people in generally two groupings, bettys and boops. This really has nothing to do with this lady:

In this case it’s a mere coincidence as I will explain shortly. But I mean come on, sometimes after you work out don’t you put on a little booty dress and a garter, curl your hair like a pin up and pucker your lips accordingly? 🙂 I kid, I kid. So let me shed some light on my categories and quantify these ridiculous terms for you.


  • Betty has a gym bag is large enough to knock out two full sized men on the subway and a make up kit the size of my left thigh (i’ll leave that exact size to your imagination, but rest assured it ain’t small)
  • Betty will use one of the getting ready stations from the moment she is out of the shower with her towel-turbaned head until the second she give her 17th “I think I’m done” glance before jetting off to work.
  • Betty may or may not spread out all of her makeup on said station/area, and this may or may  not encroach on your space
  • Per aforementioned ‘spread’ you may or may not hate the Betty next to you, even if you’re a Betty yourself.
  • Betty will put on so much makeup that you might think she is going to a modeling shoot, but you would be wrong, she is going to work.
  • Betty will often re-apply and fix said makeup multiple times.
  • Betty has a multitude of other beauty rituals, possibly including tweezing, that would make this post just way too ‘effin long.

Before I introduce BOOP, I have to explain why I chose this gem. The word “boop” comes from a word my high school friends (hi steph-ala!) and I used to aggressively overuse “bop” we used to use the word BOP for anything. It’s kind of hard to explain the usage of this word since it really ran the gambit“Oooh you are very cute tonight, BOP!” or “That guy is SO hot! BOP!” It was relatively meaningless, quick and dirty. So now that that tangential trip down memory lane is over (surprised if you’re still reading at this point…) I introduce “BOOP“. The word is just quick and dirty. A quick “BOOP” (of makeup, the blow dryer…) and you’re ready to scoot off to the office. Anyone…? Right ok, well this is my blog so unfortunately you’re stuck with BOOP.


  • Boop’s gym bag is relatively small and compact, not dangerous to subway riders. A small ‘essentials’ makeup kit lives in the bottom of the bag and may or may not see the light of day, depending on how much extra time is saved with an insanely speedy shower
  • Boop takes insanely speedy showers. Shaving your legs is for home, people.
  • Boop does a quick blow dry of the hair, throws it in a bun or ponytail (or possibly it straightens quickly after blow drying, I would not know of such things) and tousles it with her fingers
  • Boop thinks much more than a splash of foundation mixed with lotion and under eye concealer (ok, maybe a dash of mascara if she’s feeling fahhncy)

So fess up, lovelies. Are you a BETTY or a BOOP? And more amusingly, which do you think I AM????

This weekend holds some fun eats, brunch with one of the cutest babies ever, two new dinner places (yessssss) and two boutique workouts. Have I mentioned I ❤ NYC? 🙂 Fun weekend plans on your end? Isn’t there some football game Sunday…? 🙂




Lightlife and PureYoga…do you like your pilates HOT?

By popular demand (all four of my readers requested this 😉 ) I wanted to give a quick recap of the hot pilates class I took at PureYoga and also the fun Lightlife event I enjoyed last night!

First, food. As you four many of you are quite aware if you’re read one or two posts of mine, I am an omnivore through and through. A bacon-ista of sorts. A real “I’ll try a bite of anything!” kind of eater. So when I was extended the invitation to attend a LightLife event which would be showcasing their vegan products, I was definitely intrigued at this opportunity  to step outside the bacon-box so to speak.

The folks at Lightlife beyond generously offered to pick me up in a car since I was rushing straight from work. As I walked outside my office, I was greeted by a big black Escalade. All I could think of was “Wake up in the morning feelin’ like PDiddy.” In hindsight, I guess that’s weird I didn’t think J-Lo or a female pop-singer, but if nothing else, I am honest…Right, back to the point. I arrived at the event which was held at the magnificent Glass Houses in Chelsea.

LightLife went all out decorating the space, each area of the venue was an ‘ode’ of sorts to a different way of cooking. Whether it was a quick vegan meal to bring to the office, cooking at home, entertaining/appetizers or a summer BBQ, they highlighted (in my case) the way their products could help vegan/vegetarian guests in your life feel welcome and included in delicious and creative ways.

Since my camera, unfortunately was dead, let me regale you with photos from the lovely Ashley who I enjoyed some wine with last night (and then a 3.5 mile treadmill run this morning after walked out of a bad substitute instructor’s spin class..ooops…):

Vegan goodness:

Caught enjoying some red wineI’m much better looking in the dark:

More Vegan fare:

Thank you LightLife for a lovely evening of vegan eats, bloggers and beautiful views.

So in the spirit of a good counterbalance (eat and counter-eat as I like to call it…) and as previously mentioned, I enjoyed a Hot Pilates class at Pure Yoga (West Side) courtesy of Self Magazine. I extended the invitation to two of my lovely and fit friends who live on the Upper West Side. When I started talking about hand massages,  product samples and hot pilates at a swanky studio, I knew I wouldn’t have to beg too hard.

We started with hand massages in one of Pure’s cushy lounge areas. Swanka-la-la.

After our hand massage, it was time to sweat. In style, of course.

I have to say, pilates is a workout which I am not the biggest fan of. That is probably because I find it difficult and don’t do it often…(side note: my future mother-in-law is, among other things, a certified pilates INSTRUCTOR! how cool??) So when I saw hot pilates was the only class open, I was excited but unsure. I wasn’t sure if I would like it or survive be able to keep up. When we walked into the gorgeous studio and felt the heat, I further doubted my sanity ability. But there I was, and it was go time. The instructor (Jillian) was terrific and hit the ground running.

The pace was extremely fast and energetic, really allowing for an intense and sweaty (well, hi, yes, it was about 100 degrees) workout. We used the pilates circle for the class (try to hold that behind your back and squeeze it to do triceps…OUCH) which I definitely found very challenging. The class maintained a quick pace and by the end I was ready to relax and child’s pose and finally escape the heat.

All in all? Pilates is still not “my” workout. That said, the class was great, the heat made it challenging and it felt good to really ‘sweat it out’ in a gorgeous studio.

So, lovelies, have you ever taken a HOT class (yoga, pilates…others???) and also, tell me your experience with vegan food(s)?? Would you eat meatless meat??

This weekend will be filled with some excellent dining and workouts, stay tuned!



ps) i will start charging my camera battery…i will start charging my camera battery…

New and Old (weekend restaurant conquests)

Since I did end my Friday with a 5 mile run and some abs when all I wanted to do was drink wine, Saturday I attempted Hot Pilates at Pure Yoga (thanks to Self Magazine) and Sunday I attempted to sculpt myself svelette at Physique 57. So I decided it would be in my best interest to undo some of this via two delicious dinners out. The first one was an old favorite of mine you can find in the restaurant review tab (very much under construction!!), Panca.

Panca is a restaurant M and I have been going to for about 3 years consistently. It’s right down the street from us and definitely on our favorites list. More in the summer, since our favorite menu items include their incredibly flavored and delicious ceviche. I know it’s a bold statement, but this is the best ‘non-fancy’ (you know the kind…) ceviche in the city. The flavor is as the statement, bold. The juices are fresh and crisp and the fish just seems to melt in your mouth. I just can’t get enough.

(images all from Panca’s website)

You start with crispy corn in a little bowl. Don’t remind me of the copious amounts of oil and salt on there, I don’t care. They are delicious. We usually enjoy a ceviche, the ceviche mixto being our top choice. Then, if you’re in the mood to save a lot of money, Panca just began offering rottisserie chicken. A whole chicken. For $17.50. For non-NYCers, this might not seem like anything big. But the fact that you can go to a restaurant and theoretically leave having basically paid $9 a person for DINNER in a nice restaurant is unheard of. Believe me.

If you’re not worried about saving a couple of dollars, there are a million other options at your delicious disposal. We have tried nearly everything on the menu (scary, I know) and enjoy it all.

Since we can’t always go to the ‘old’ places, M and I decided to venture out and try a place we hadn’t been on Saturday night. After a wonderful hot pilates session with some gorgeous girlfriends at Pure Yoga (thanks to Self Magazine) and a quick 3 mile treadmill run with M, I was definitely ready to get my bacon eat on. We I chose Bar’rique, a new-ish place in our neighborhood.

Upon walking in you’re greeted with a narrow and cozy restaurant dotted with high tables. My only qualm with the restaurant (I saw that like I usually have many?) was that the high tables had stools with no backs as one of the seating options (the other was a booth type seat). I really hate this. I know I should have better posture, sit up straighter etc, but when I’m at dinner, I want a back on my chair. Period. The end. Weird quirk. Anyone else feel this way?? Anyhoo.

We sat down right next to the kitchen which was a bit hot (don’t recommend that seating location if you decide to go!) but we enjoyed great service and delicious food. We started with the hot coppa from the cured meats selection which was suggested by the waiter. That was delicious and paired with a small amount of honey and dates on the board. We also enjoyed the mushroom arancini which I stupidly didn’t realize were basically fried mushroom risotto balls. Despite having had them before. Not to say I wouldn’t have ordered it, but I wasn’t necessarily looking to pair my meat selection with a fried selection. Since we eat out so much, I really do try to engage in realistic moderation. You can’t honestly have EVERYTHING you want and fit into a wedding dress. Let’s get serious. I have to quote Hangry Pants here when I say “I’m vain”. It’s important to me to look good and feel good in clothes, and especially on my wedding day. White is a not a flattering color, newsflash 🙂 . So when I am eating out, I tend to try to balance my meal and really ensure I am getting to try whatever I want in an intelligent and healthy way. So that tangent is over, and I enjoyed every fried bites of those arancini. Amen. For the main course:

M ordered:

Cavatelli with rabbit ragout. Rabbit isn’t something you normally come across and is something that when done right is a huge favorite of M’s. He was very pleased by this dish as was I. The flavors were rich without being overpowering, and the balance was superb. Very delicious.

(image from here)

I ordered the striped bass with cauliflower, raisins and capers. M found it to be a little fishy for his taste, which I agreed with but all in all I liked the dish, all the flavors and a little fishny-ness (when eating fish…) doesn’t bother me.

With my meal (lest you think I went thirsty) I enjoyed wine which I cannot remember for the life of me. It was good, nothing life-altering and a slightly light pour (well, I guess i’m a bad judge since I tend to think a beer pint sized pour is fair when it comes to wine…)

All in all? I really enjoyed Bar’rique and would go back. Now if only they would get some new chairs.. 🙂

So tell me, how do you balance eating out, ENJOYING YOURSELF and being healthy? Or trying to fit into a white dress…?

Off to a fun food blogger event tonight which I’m excited to share the details of! I look forward to hanging with some lovely NYC ladies and eating VEGAN food. Gasp. 🙂