Get your busy bee!! Physique57

For anyone who didn’t get that reference that would be a Best in Show reference, a movie that completely cracks me up with its ridiculous idiocy every time I see it. So when I walked into Tanya Becker’s Physique 57 class on Sunday and saw Parker Posey standing there ready to p57-fiy herself (I didn’t know her name, I just  knew she had a WEIMARANER (yes, as in my adorable dog, DIRTY JERSEY!!)  in the movie!!) it set the tone for my perseverative brain to repeat “GET YOUR BUSY BEE!” as I moaned and grunted my way through Tanya’s intermediate p57 class.

So let’s be honest, I probably should have taken an open class. Maybe a beginner…I am definitely slightly unfamiliar with p57 having not done it in a year +, but always the competitor I went with my friend KR to enjoy an a** kicking workout with Tanya. Let’s just say, I might be a convert.  And not because there was a celebrity whose name I didn’t know in the class.

This class is INTENSE. From the moment the music started and I grabbed those 8lb arm weights, we never stopped moving. In and out of super intense arms sequences, leg sequences that made me curse the day I decided this was a good idea, and core work as well. Although to some degree I find a lot of the new “bar” hype to be a gimmick, this bar was ‘done’ in an extremely challenging way. It added difficulty to already arduous sequences and generally was brutal. The one thing I felt about p57 that I don’t necessarily feel about other workouts it the intense leg focus. Legs are something I am very lazy about, I am unfamiliar with how to work them well and tend to let them fall by the wayside. This specific, targeted and EXTREMELY difficult workout really showcases kills your legs.

After the class my wheels were definitely spinning…this might be something my ‘wedding’ routine could use…Details to follow… 🙂

Despite literally being sore after I walked out of the gorgeous Spring Street/6th Avenue studio (conveniently located minutes from my apartment and my work…hmmm….) I enjoyed a delicious brunch at Spring Street Natural with KR. As KR and I gossiped wedding-ness (where ARE we going to find those perfect accessories to match our EPIC wedding dresses…) we also enjoyed the fresh and healthy SSN fare. Spring St. Natural never fails to get my vote for lunch or brunch, tons of fresh and healthy options, and a burger in case you wanted that too 🙂 My egg white omlette had a nice amount of salmon, asparagus a little goat cheese. Yum….

So tell me lovelies: What is a new workout you’ve tried lately & loved/hated?? And what  part of your body are you LAZY working out (or is that just me…mile long list…)…

Also enjoyed dinner at Panca and Bar’rique this weekend. Details to follow, surely. Who doesn’t like a long-winded restaurant review 🙂




25 thoughts on “Get your busy bee!! Physique57

  1. I am so impressed you took intermediate P57 and were able to do it all. I remember the beginner class being insanely hard! And 8 lb weights??! That is nuts. Seriously, you are strong. Sounds like a great class. The funny thing for me is that I spent the entire year intensely working my legs in that similar way at Core Fusion, so my quad muscles are my strongest. I often make a muscle in my quad and tell a guy to feel it if I want to impress him.

  2. SO excited about this blog!!! My best friend Julie is moving to Manhattan… in exactly 55 days… and I need to keep up with NYC’s latest!

    My laziness… Definitely legs- ugh they are the worst to workout!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your class Sara and congratulations on your engagement! Looking forward to having you back in the studio soon.

    We have a Bridal Countdown program that you might be interested in doing to prepare for your upcoming wedding. Take 15 classes in 5 weeks and you will receive a special wedding present from Physique 57™! Details:

  4. This hot mess could barely handle Tanya and i’ve been an intermediate for a few weeks now. Miles and Manhattan (known to me as FUNKNASTY) was a total riot and the most fantastic-ly non-intermediate workout partner ever. We are permanent fixtures in 11:45 a.m. P57. Hope Tanya and Parker can handle this.

  5. My wife started Physique 57 last year leading up to our wedding. She has been trying to get me to go with her recently. Not sure I have the patience or confidence to do it….from what I have heard it is pretty intense.

  6. Sounds like the Beer & Buttocks society I was the “treasurer” of a zillion years ago. 60-minute Pilates-esque workout + isometrics at a Downing St studio lead by a former B’way dancer with 3-4 girlfriends 2x a week…followed by pitchers of cheap beer and dinner at someplace near Sheridan Sq. No bars…at least not the kind you’re talking about!

  7. I’ve been in kinda a workout-slump! I’m trying to do new things (like spinning! I’m a runner, generally), but I’ve just been getting so bored! I need to try to incorporate something fun & new!

  8. I WANT TO TRY THIS!!!! I am so jealous! If I lived in NY I would be the yoga, pilates, core fusion princess of the East!!! I am hoping to get into a studio or teach on my own in Germany…then I would have taught in Vegas (helped open a studio), Korea, Japan, Canada and EUROPE!!! I should see if there is anyway I can try this when I am there in May!!!

  9. Ahh! I die for “Best in Show!” My Frenchie is in training to be a therapy dog, and we have to show him in order to be titled… I have become a Best in Show character. It’s mortifying and amazing at the same time. Hahaha. As for new workouts, I am loving TRX Team classes at my gym. It’s no joke– I am practically crippled (in a good way).

    • STOP IT!!! I want a frenchie puppy (ask M 🙂 ) and I also want to train Jersey to be a therapy dog! You’re my hero. And TRX I hear is INSANE! I have wanted to try a class..but i’m scared. You’re so bad ass!!

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