‘Beauty’ Routines…betty or a boop?

As I watched the fabulous gym go-ers of Equinox get ready this morning in my native Soho gym, I got to thinking about post-gym (and pre-gym) beautification routines. Sometimes I feel like a field anthropologist in the locker room (any anthropologists out there please don’t be offended,Β  I’m hardly serious or half intelligent enough to have your job!!) I find it so fascinating how people go about getting ready for their day. I have categorized people in generally two groupings, bettys and boops. This really has nothing to do with this lady:

In this case it’s a mere coincidence as I will explain shortly. But I mean come on, sometimes after you work out don’t you put on a little booty dress and a garter, curl your hair like a pin up and pucker your lips accordingly? πŸ™‚ I kid, I kid. So let me shed some light on my categories and quantify these ridiculous terms for you.


  • Betty has a gym bag is large enough to knock out two full sized men on the subway and a make up kit the size of my left thigh (i’ll leave that exact size to your imagination, but rest assured it ain’t small)
  • Betty will use one of the getting ready stations from the moment she is out of the shower with her towel-turbaned head until the second she give her 17th “I think I’m done” glance before jetting off to work.
  • Betty may or may not spread out all of her makeup on said station/area, and this may or mayΒ  not encroach on your space
  • Per aforementioned ‘spread’ you may or may not hate the Betty next to you, even if you’re a Betty yourself.
  • Betty will put on so much makeup that you might think she is going to a modeling shoot, but you would be wrong, she is going to work.
  • Betty will often re-apply and fix said makeup multiple times.
  • Betty has a multitude of other beauty rituals, possibly including tweezing, that would make this post just way too ‘effin long.

Before I introduce BOOP, I have to explain why I chose this gem. The word “boop” comes from a word my high school friends (hi steph-ala!) and I used to aggressively overuse “bop” we used to use the word BOP for anything. It’s kind of hard to explain the usage of this word since it really ran the gambit:Β  “Oooh you are very cute tonight, BOP!” or “That guy is SO hot! BOP!” It was relatively meaningless, quick and dirty. So now that that tangential trip down memory lane is over (surprised if you’re still reading at this point…) I introduce “BOOP“. The word is just quick and dirty. A quick “BOOP” (of makeup, the blow dryer…) and you’re ready to scoot off to the office. Anyone…? Right ok, well this is my blog so unfortunately you’re stuck with BOOP.


  • Boop’s gym bag is relatively small and compact, not dangerous to subway riders. A small ‘essentials’ makeup kit lives in the bottom of the bag and may or may not see the light of day, depending on how much extra time is saved with an insanely speedy shower
  • Boop takes insanely speedy showers. Shaving your legs is for home, people.
  • Boop does a quick blow dry of the hair, throws it in a bun or ponytail (or possibly it straightens quickly after blow drying, I would not know of such things) and tousles it with her fingers
  • Boop thinks much more than a splash of foundation mixed with lotion and under eye concealer (ok, maybe a dash of mascara if she’s feeling fahhncy)

So fess up, lovelies. Are you a BETTY or a BOOP? And more amusingly, which do you think I AM????

This weekend holds some fun eats, brunch with one of the cutest babies ever, two new dinner places (yessssss) and two boutique workouts. Have I mentioned I ❀ NYC? πŸ™‚ Fun weekend plans on your end? Isn’t there some football game Sunday…? πŸ™‚





33 thoughts on “‘Beauty’ Routines…betty or a boop?

  1. OK so apparently I’m a “Boop” though my gym bag is huge! I can’t seem to downgrade to a smaller one, and am I definitely guilty of whacking people with it on the subway. Oops! “Boops?” Hehe. Awful joke… I’m embarrassed…

  2. I am like you and fascinated by people’s different routines to get ready in the gym locker room.

    Hmmm I am kind of in between. I have a decent sized bag and a lot of makeup/products, but I can go from being in the shower to walking off to work with some makeup and dry hair in 20 minutes.

    Before I went to Equinox, I went to NYSC and my gym bag was much bigger there because I brought ALL of my own products and a towel because NYSC towels are more like hair towels not full ones like Equinox. I love the Kiehls products at Equinox and as a result only bring my own face wash and conditioner (super dry hair!).

    Once, I saw someone waxing their legs in the Equinox locker room. I thought that might have been taking things a little too far!

  3. I am most definitely a BOOP! I don’t shower too often at the gym, so when I do it’s quick and dirty (I mean, clean…) since I can always shave at home the next day and gym showers are sorta weird anyway. I use NYSC though, not Equinox, so maybe I’d savor the gym showers if I felt like I was at a spa πŸ˜‰ But really, it comes down to time…I’d rather spend 10 more minutes working out than 10 minutes applying makeup before work!

  4. haha, I love your gym routine analysis! I am definitely a gym “boop”, but even when I’m home my routine is pretty quick. Which Equinox do you frequent the most? I swear I’m not a stalker – just wondering if we go to the same locations πŸ™‚

    • Love your stalker disclaimer! Since I live and work below 14th street I literally ONLY go to Equinox’s downtown gyms! But i would travel uptown if you had a good class suggestion!! Or if you promised to stand next to me while I ran on the treadmill and put me through a grueling speed workout… πŸ™‚

  5. I think you ‘re a boop! I fall somewhere in between when I do get ready at the gym (not often). I do dry/straighten my hair, but it takes me about 3 minutes to put on makeup.

  6. I am most definitely a “Boop” considering NYSC gives you washcloths to cover your body with! You’ve gotta be speedy if you want to avoid being the unnecessarily nekkid kid in the the locker room!

  7. OMG I love this and I love the comparison to either Betty or Boop. I’m sure you aren’t surprised but I am 110% a Boop. I get ready in as little time as possible. My makeup bag is the smallest Vera Bag you can find- I mean really I need is Mac Concealer, mac bronzer, eyeliner and mascara right? I don’t even dry my hair… I let it air dry and then half way through the day I straighten it in my office (or I keep it up all day depending). hahah! I like to workout as long as possible in the mornings so I literally don’t get in the shower until like 8:45am and I’m still (pretty much) on time for work. BOOP! heheh

  8. You are a Boop like me, for sure! I am actually envious of the Bettys who take the time to actually look good every day; I can’t be bothered. Then again, maybe that is why I am single. Love the terms!!

    When I started my new job on November 1, I decided to reinvent myself as somebody who wears mascara. So I’ve been doing that every day and I do feel quite fahhncy — until I wake up the next morning with black smudges all over my under eyes.

    Also — mixing foundation with moisturizer? Never heard of this practice! It works well? I am intrigued. What is the ratio you use?

    • Buahaha. The lazy girl’s moisturizer πŸ˜‰ I literally use a little less than the amount of foundation I would and just put a tiny bit of lotion in it, i think i might have made it up and it probably doesn’t work well!!! πŸ™‚

      I love that “i re-invented myself as someone who wears mascara”. Brills!!


  9. I’m totally a Boop! Would like to say I wear makeup but I don’t even know how to apply it. Some women at my gym spend more time getting ready to go back to work than actually working out. πŸ™‚ Love the post!

  10. This totally cracked me up. I go to Equinox as well and I can’t believe some of the women there– they spread out ALL their stuff and use like, 8 towels and then leave them all over the floor when they finally finish their monumental grooming routine (I really pity the poor cleaning people there who have to pick up after these high maintenance primadonnas.) I see women with straightening irons in the locker room and it strikes me as funny. So, I am most definitely a Boop… the gym is not the place for your “full routine”!

    P.S. found your site through the Physique 57 twitter… loving it so far!

  11. can i classify myself as a ‘boopy’ hahaha i’m quick when i need to be but i also like to look good! it’s a tough call but i’m not full on betty or boop so i’m comboing it up because its what i do πŸ˜‰ hahaha

    enjoy your weekend girl! romp that cit cit citay

  12. OK, love this post. Such a funny thing to think about. I’m more of a Betty when it comes to # of products but a Boop when it comes to speed. Having kids is accounts for the speed. One thing you may want to think about though, some of us are such Bettys that we get ready at home (to much to lug). Great blog.

  13. I’m a boop! πŸ˜€ Although I do have a giant gym bag with a makeup/essentials bag at the bottom…but I don’t take it out all that often. I live really close to the gym so most of the time I just run home to get ready! Gym showers gross me out a little. :/

  14. This is was the best post ever πŸ™‚ I loved it!!! I thought I was teh only one who catergorized gym girls hahahaha πŸ™‚

    I think you’re a boop πŸ™‚

    I am a boop for sure, I don’t have time to get ready and I am not trying to impress anyone, if you love me and think I’m HOT at my worse, then life is amazing!!!

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  16. Absolutely love this post. You had me hysterical laughing at my desk (and of course I forwarded it to ofriends). I am hands down a boop!

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