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Inspired by the gorgeous & fabulous Melissa I decided this would be a fun post to do. I actually do not run with music when I run outdoors. I know, many of you just spit out your beverage on your computer….

Ok, that’s just a gratuitous ugly picture of me being weird at MKush’s bachelorette in VEGAS. We’ll get back to bachelorettes later on in this post, stay tuned 😉  Here is me really, running the NYC Marathon sans tunes:

Back Story: About two years ago I was running a NYRR race (to help qualify for the NYC Marathon and as  training run for a half marathon I had coming up). I got to the start line of the race, moments before the gun and realized I had forgotten my iPod. For a 10 mile run. I had never run more than to grab a cab without listening to music. I immediately panicked, assuming I would never be able to finish the race. I started running, completely freaked out and pissed off at myself, and then all of sudden something happened. I was enjoying myself. I didn’t miss the music. I love the sights and sounds around me (this is not always the case, someone one hurled in a close proximity to me and this is a post for another time but i have an CLINICAL fear of vomit, like you have no idea…i digress…) I finished the 10 miles and never listened to my iPod again when I ran outside. HOWEVER, when I run on the treadmill I do sometimes like to imbibe me some tunes. And when I spin, I definitely choose my instructor based on their playlist just as much as their motivation or fun-ness. Yes, fun-ness is a word. My word. Anyhoo.

Lately here has what’s been getting me going (that sounded bad, but i’m leaving it anyway):

  • Dynamite – Taio Cruz (i mean, who doesn’t want to throw their hands up in the air sometimes…)
  • Only Girl in the World – Rhianna (true dat, sista)
  • Firework – Katy Perry (baby you’re a)
  • Like a G-6 – Far East Movement (I don’t know what a G-6 is but it seems bad as* and i kinda wanna be one)
  • Bottoms Up – Treyz Songz (no, that is not the incorrect spelling. he singz songz)
  • Tonight I’m Loving You – Enrique Iglesisas (i never thought i would see him on a playlist of mine after middle school….but i guess i still like to bailamos…)
  • Yea 3x – Chris Brown (yeaaa)
  • F’n Perfect – Pink (because who doesn’t like to be told they’re f-n perfect?)
  • Hold it Against Me – Britney Spears (I know, I just lost my dignity and my street cred all at once…)

Wandering Around the Gym Cool Down:

  • Marry Me – Train
  • “F*** You” – Cee Lo (no, the song is not “forget you” and yes i like to bop around my gym to this. at home i run around the apartment risky business style *w/pants on usually* and slide around to this song. don’t ask)
  • Grenade – Bruno Mars (i don’t know why, it’s just so romantic that he would catcha grenade forya, no?)
  • Down on Me – Jermih (but all i can think about when i hear this is this youtube video someone sent me like three months ago. literally, this kid is amaze-la. )


Enough about me (wait, I guess a blog is a place to shamelessly talk all about yourself for pages and pages…so never mind, never enough about me in that case…  😉 )

And for the FUNNEST news of the day, heading to Vermont tomorrow to celebrate FUNK’s (real name KRose until she marries her man in March) bachelorette! There will be drinking, massaging (by professionals, mind out of the gutter friends…) and general debauchery. I will beg her for some pictures and to allow me to post a recap to the crazyness that is sure to transpire.
So finally, loveleees….Tell me some of your current workout jams? And most AWESOMELY bad songs on your workout mix? AND tell me about your bachelorette and or one you’ve been too! Still time for great ideas before tomorrow…!

My Song Answer: I would say mine could be Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas”. Let me clarify. This is one of the best songs in the ENTIRE WORLD (stand firmly behind that statement) just not appropos in July. But then again “hangin tough” might also fall into this category…i should stop before i lose all of my 5 readers…


25 thoughts on “Workout Playlist

  1. Thank you so much for posting your play list. I have almost every song on your list, and every time I play it I feel like even the cats give me the “human, you have got to be kidding” look. Other songs on mine right now: Don’t Trust Me (3OH!3), Tik Tok and We R what we R (Ke$ha), S&M (Rihanna), Hey Baby-Drop it to the floor (Pitbull), Telephone (Lady Gaga and Beyonce), and my new favorite-Love the Way you Lie (Enimen and Rihanna).

  2. oh no…i am proud of my awesomely bad running music. some highlights include: color me badd (i wanna sex you up), lasgo (alone), kim sozzi (feel your love), cece penniston (finally), marky mark (good vibrations), n*sync (here we go), gina g (ooh aah just a little bit). there is also plenty of mariah carey, paula abdul, and salt n’ pepa.

    running is some of my favorite alone time because it is acceptable for me to listen to this music i adore yet would be mocked for enjoying in the open!

  3. gahhh have an AMAZING time this weekend and congrats on the new job! we’ll have to get together someday so you can fill me in on the secret deets 😉

  4. You are far too kind Sara! I didn’t know you didn’t listen to music! I can only go sans ipod if I am running with someone! Impressive. For someone who only sometimes listens to music, your playlist is killer, must download like a g6!

  5. I also love Dynamite and Like a G-6. I think a G-6 is a car. My favorite workout songs of the moment are Beggin’ by Madcon, All The Girls by Bag Raiders, Sunlight by the Harlem Shakes and Trees by Marty Casey & The Lovehammers.

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  7. Love the shout out to my bachelorette party!!
    Thanks for sharing your favorite tunes, always looking for good workout music. You have to add Girl Talk to your repertoire, SO fun to run to!

  8. Love the playlist! I tried the sans ipod running in an NYRR race a couple of times and I always end up near the same guy who makes weird noises and counts?!?!. My 4 year old nephew loves the song Dynamite-he has special dance moves for the song he named after his fav Disney characters and he is going to request our wedding DJ play it. 🙂

  9. So I’m a few days behind on blogs… 🙂

    But I don’t listen to music running outside either! I feel like I’m always hearing/seeing so much that it’s nice to unplug and just go!

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