Favorite thangz Friday

No, this is not a unique concept. Probably every blogger does it. But I find it to be highly amusing, and I LOVE hearing what people are loving right now (so please, fabulous commenters share YOURS!)

1. Candles. I have been rocking enjoying this candle from Anthropologie for a couple of years now and have never changed it up. I have one in my bedroom and one in the living room (errr I only really HAVE two rooms…) I love ‘signature scents’. Lighting it in the evening just makes me feel peaceful. For about 10 seconds before my mind is racing again that it….

2. My Seven Jeggings. I haven’t purchased a pair of Seven Jeans since college. I just found them not to fit me well and I didn’t love how popular they became. That all changed at the SCOOP sale where i scooped (punnyyy) up a pair for $50. They are so soft and stretchy and were vanity sized one size below what i normally wear. Who could resist? Needless to say, I virtually live in the these.

3. Vetri Restaurant in Philadelphia. Well, ok, I always love this. This is M’s favorite restaurant in the world (friendly reminder, we live in NYC). I have been once and he has been twice. The restaurant is located a little off the main beaten path of Philly and in a little townhouse. I just want to pinch its cute little cheeks:

The last time we went, we went a night early to my friend’s wedding in order to go. As in stayed in a hotel an extra night in order to go. True story. And we bought the cookbook. AND left it for Marc Vetri to sign AND went to pick it up the next day like total creepshow. AND closed down the restaurant so I coyly asked for (and received!!) a tour of their meat curing set up in their cellar and kitchen. AND now? We’re doing it again. KRose (of THE bachelorette this weekend) is getting married in Philly in late March and M’s bday is in late March. A perfect ‘marriage’ (might need to rename this “punny Friday”….) if you will. See you in philly, my little onion crepe ❀

4.Β  Sumo Squats. Mainly (most likely) because I like thinking of myself as a giant sumo wrestler. But secondarily, these are DAMN hard and make me feel pretty bad ass. Plus, nabbing her stomach out of it wouldn’t be half bad

Using a heavy barbell, this exercise always gets my abs, butt and arms. Gotta love those three-fers.

5.Β  Twitter. I used to not ‘get’ twitter. But now that a couple of my friends tweet and I follow Oprah I find it very amusing. Feel free to follow me and enjoy my random musings and rants.

Plus, when that little “@” mention sign comes up on your phone? I mean come on you feel cool. Especially when it’s a spammer telling you they have the perfect weight loss solution for you. Then you just feel fat even cooler.


So lovelee ladies (and gents!) what is something you’re favorite-ing this Friday???

OFF shortly to bachelorette KRose this weekend, recap post to follow Monday. Don’t miss me too much this weekend. That goes for all 5 of you… πŸ˜‰




31 thoughts on “Favorite thangz Friday

  1. I’m pretty much loving that it’s Friday! And the workday is half over… and I’m reading blogs at work instead of working…

    I also love me a good candle and sumo squat πŸ™‚

  2. AH too funny, I was planning on a favorite things post for Tuesday! The way you feel about your Seven jeggings is the way I feel about my Gap jeggings! I had no idea I could love a pair of $60 Gap jeans so much, but they are perfect and comfortable and I wear them more than anything else! Have a great weekend!

  3. I’m loving the weekends coming up…Mardi Gras followed by St. Patrick’s Day? SO FUN! And I’m loving desserts for one. I tried the 3-minute cookie and next up is peanut and chocolate oaties. MMM

  4. I have not experienced the majesty of jeggings yet, but since I practically live in my comfy workout leggings, I’m sure they’d be right up my alley!

  5. I’m originally from Philly, but have never tried Vetri. Sounds like I’m seriously missing out!! Right now I’m favorite-ing the J.Crew online Factory sale. I already have a total summer wardrobe and it’s not even March yet…

  6. I have a pair of Silver Jeans that are “deconstructed” and stitched with pretty flowers and neat designs. I got them YEARS ago and they didn’t fit at first (I think I was 15+lbs heavier) and I said, “I WILL WEAR YOU!” In caps. Anyway, they now fit perfectly and are so pretty so they serve a double purpose. πŸ˜€

  7. I agree a million times on Vetri…definitely the best restaurant/experience I’ve ever had…just got my Dad a gift card for his big bday…thanks to M for his spot on recommendation. Loving your blog, which literally sounds exactly like you

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