Wedding Dresses that weren’t…

…and other wedding musings. Wedding planning is kind of like balancing on the thinnest tightrope you’ve ever seen in your life. A skillful balance of fiance, families (2 or more in many cases), friends and a myriad of other factors. Just when you think you have everything perfectly balanced, something gets thrown in the mix and you’re teetering on the edge. True story. Right now, i feel quite balanced. My checklist of “dones” includes:

Sooo there’s still that honeymoon to book…hopefully i’ll have some exciting news in the next two weeks on this one…in the meantime, don’t forget to keep those suggesitons comin…

But now some fun stuff. So I live in NYC. The mecca of wedding dresses. I was lucky enough to have the fashion world at my finger tips when I went wedding dress shopping. So without further adieu, I present:

SAY NO TO THAT DRESS (note: I love all of these dresses in their own way, they are all gorgeous and fabulous. i just didn’t choose them, they weren’t “MY” dress. so please don’t misinterpret my intentions)


I walked in with a tude. The place was too big for me. I was worried I would end up accidentally featured in the background of the show. The only reason I went was a friend had a consultant she highly reccomended who was very ‘un-Kleinfelds’ and they have one of the largest selections in the city. I had a BAD ATTITUDE about Kfelds. Unfortunately, despite going into the back room and looking through the dresses myself (which they let everyone do, don’t let the show fool you πŸ˜‰ )Β  nothing here even came close to being what I was looking for. THAT SAID, my consultant, JJ was fantastic. I highly recommend her. And the selection is fabulous. You can’t beat their volume. Plus Joan was actuallyΒ  very lovely when we came in she thought I wasn’t getting the consultant i was promised and came to talk to me personally and apologize. Turned out JJ was there, Joan was just busy and harried πŸ™‚

(will add images, check back!)

Vera Wang-

Walking into her store, I thought I would find my dress here. No, I knew. I was positive based on the tons of images I had stalked seen on wedding blogs and in magazines that Vera’s dresses were my “style”. They were gorgeous….

Some were bigger

Some were plain(ish)

Some were almost the dress...

(I almost bought this dress, i went to see it three times)

Here is the dress feature on MY PHOTOGRAPHER’S BLOG! on one of his gorgeous brides.

My photographer is one of the things I am MOST excited about in terms of my wedding! (obviously aside from MARRYING my ridiculously amazing fiance πŸ™‚ I am talking about vendors/fabulous aspects of the wedding that are unrelated to love, of course)

That dress was gorgeous, so beautiful on her, just not right for me. In the end I went with something slightly more classic. You’ll have to wait for September to find out πŸ˜‰ I suppose?

Despite how amazing and fantastic weddings and their planning can be, they can also be quiet a delicate dance which is not always rainbows and roses. Can I get an amen?? So tell me, love-ahss, do you have any wedding planning advice/stories/gripes etc? From your own personal experience or that of others? Help a sistahh out πŸ˜‰




13 thoughts on “Wedding Dresses that weren’t…

  1. I definitely love Vera. I really like plainish actually πŸ™‚ Good luck with the decision. I am living vicariously through you since I am on a 5 year plan before actual engagement.

  2. I have no wedding advice since I am un-engaged. πŸ˜‰ I have a feeling that you are a lot like my sister when she got married which made it SUPER easy for me as the MOH.

    PS – your butt = fabulous! Can I borrow it? Lol.

  3. I am slightly wedding obsessed and actually want to be a wedding planer someday=) I however am not married or engaged or anything so don’t really have an real life experience to share but you looked amazing in you ‘not’ wedding dresses so I’m sure you’ll be even more fabulous in the one you choose! The photographers blog was amazing! I think the photographer is a giant part of the wedding because those photos will be how the day is remembered!

  4. That Vera is GORGEOUS, so I can only imagine how beautiful the one you chose is. I’m excited to see it a few months from now!!

    My brother got married over the summer to his high school sweetheart, who’s originally from Romania and whose parents weren’t here to help plan. I was right in the thick of planning, and it’s definitely a crazy time! I calligraphied all the invitation addresses and place cards, which took awhile. After watching my sister-in-law practically break down in tears on her wedding day because she was so stressed, I think the best thing to do is just let it all go the day of. Don’t worry about the details- focus on yourself, and let everyone else run around like crazy!

  5. I can’t wait till Sept to see your dress! Amen to wedding planning can be a b**ch! I had dress problems of my own. I wanted sleeves and that is like impossible to find, one place I went to was HUGE and had only strapless. ughh, I ended up in a nice little bridal boutique in NJ and with a sample. Worked out for me though πŸ™‚ I am getting married in 2 weeks…aghhhhh! I am still dealing with the limos too.

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