What’s your oxygen mask?

I know, you’re probably thinking I’m sitting next to Charlie Sheen in the deep end. Ok, low blow, shouldn’t make fun…but really??? I feel so sorry for his family (absolutely honestly), but that guy’s quotes are just unbelievable. “I’m tired of pretending I’m not a b*tchin’ rockstar from Mars”. It must have been hard living a lie all these years that you weren’t a rockstar from Mars…?

He has goddesses. I can’t feel that bad for the guy….? And please, no hate mail (all four of you 😉 ) I do feel badly about the situation but hopefully he’ll clean up his act for the sake of his family. Ahhkay?

I digress and finally return to my point. While spinning this morning to delicious new Gaga tunes (i mean, who doesn’t want to put your paws up while spinning??) the fabulous Shaina (who teaches at most Equinox downtown locations, check her out!) said something that cracked me up and then made me really think.

She began by saying this was our time, and the rest of the day would be dedicated to work. I nodded and continued to sweathalftodeath spin.  Then, she started talking about how when you’re on an airplane, they tell you that in case of an emergency you should put your oxygen mask on before putting on the mask for someone else. I know. Right??? At this point, I thought Shaina was joining dear Charlie and looked over at Ashley for some reassurance. Luckily, Shaina had a very lucid and thought provoking point to make.

Spin class this morning was my oxygen  mask. I needed to do it for myself before the rest of my day was dedicated to work/family/friends/everything else. The truth is, working out is my oxygen mask every day. The time I dedicate to working out can’t be taken away by anything else (as long as I leave my blackberry in my locker….)

So, gorgeous-es, a quickie, but something to get you thinking. What is your oxygen mask? Althought mine is predominantly exercise? Sometimes mine is a nice bottle glass of vino & maybe some Sinatra.  Just sayin….



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7 thoughts on “What’s your oxygen mask?

  1. My oxygen mask is the small 1-2 hour window when I come home from work. In that time, I can do any number of things before the bf gets home and the decision is totally up to me. I’ve been spending it mostly exercising, but sometimes I read, or catch up on my DVR shows, or just nap. ❤

  2. hmm when i’m exercising i definitely don’t consider it my oxy mask but as soon as i’m done then i know for sure it is! well that and breakfast ❤ hahaha

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