Hi! I’m back!! and Bridal Bootcamp…

Hi Lovelies!

Apologies for being so MIA, I think I underestimated getting  a new job, planning a wedding and generally trying to keep myself sane when it comes to blogging! But I missed writing and chatting with all of you, so I decided to try to dive back into it slowly, maybe a post a week or so to just keep myself on the up and up 🙂

So what has been going on you might ask? (Or maybe I will just tell you…)

Most news has been on the workout front. Since I refuse to not enjoy my favorite fabulous NYC restaurants, I decided I needed a plan to get super buff for the big day. Enter, Corefusion. For those who don’t know, I’m just going to link you to Dori’s post on Corefusion, since I have dubbed her my CF Guru. She knows all of the instructors, classes and innuendos, I run all of my class choices and scheduling by her. I’m sure this is thrilling to her to have a second job as my personal workout consultant, but I digress…

When I found out about Corefusion’s Bridal Bootcamp, I knew I had to just take a little peak under the hood of that well-oiled machine known as Exhale and see what was going on. I’m so glad I did.

CF Bridal Bootcamp’s 12 week tush kicking program includes:

12 weeks of unlimited CF and CF Yoga classes

4 facials

1 nutritional consultation

1 massage

1 hot body for your wedding (ok they don’t just GIVE that to you with the package, but I mean that’s the plan, right??)


So on to the good stuff. I met with the lovely Melissa, one of Exhale’s Nutritional consultants in the second week of the program. While I am not necessarily looking to lose weight, I really want to be as toned as possible and ensure that everything that goes into my body is “fueling” my workouts and not wasted calories or food that won’t contribute to a successful and intense workout schedule. She advised me to stick to only whole and natural foods (yeah, yeah we all know this but it ain’t easy to do!) and steer clear of things like soy crisps, for example, which albeit delicious don’t offer much in terms of energy and fuel. She also advised me to lay off the vino (to my horror chagrin) a bit and try to operate more along the lines of moderation. Point taken.


I love corefusion classes. I love the multiple locations, I love the variety, I love how the teachers seem to remember your face and know your name within one or two visits, I just really drink the KoolAid when it comes to Exhale’s programming. I have been frequenting the Meatpacking location which albeit not the nicest studio, works perfectly for me. The class size is always small there is the morning which I love (large, packed classes tend to stress me out at 7am…knowing that are that many people as crazy as me that early in the morning just rubs me the wrong way…?) and the workout is always intense. I have been doing Corefusion Cardio, Corefusion open and some Corefusion Yoga and I am hoping to get to some sport and bootcamp classes soon, my schedule has just been a little hectic and not conducive to taking these, but they are on my radar big time after getting some rave reviews from the guru. I also plan on thoroughly reviewing each type of class, so stay tuned for that as well!

So more to come on this adventure since my first FACIAL (squeal!!!) is scheduled for Sunday. Cannot wait to give a full review of the “True Facial” as I have never indulged in any of Exhale’s spa therapies. Cannot. Wait.

SO what have you all been up to? Have you ever taken a corefusion class? Tell all!!!


DISCLOSURE NOTE: I have received a discount on my Corefusion Bridal Bootcamp package but I am still paying for it myself and all of the opinions in the posts are my own. 


20 thoughts on “Hi! I’m back!! and Bridal Bootcamp…

  1. I wish my job was personal workout consultant! That would be my dream.

    I really am happy that you are enjoying your exhale experience so much. I love it there and I just want everyone else to also. I love that I am the guru!

    I saw you recently and you look tight and toned already! I am sure that this Bridal Bootcamp will do wonders on top of that though — not that you need it.

    So excited to read all your posts about the experience!

  2. I am jealous of you New Yorkers and all your fancy classes. 😉 So glad you are back!!! xoxoxo I have been doing ZERO workouts that accomplish anything, but hoping to get some kind of motivational kick in the arse this week. Can’t wait to hear more about your CF experiences. I live vicariously through you, you know. ❤

  3. After four years of barre classes I am finally taking my first Core Fusion class tomorrow! Everyone I have met that takes CF is so passionate about it. so I’m super excited to be trying it. I’m looking forward to reading about your experience with Exhale’s other classes.

  4. So happy you’re back, lovely lady! I’ve taken a few CF classes up here in Boston and love the overall vibe of the studio. Can’t wait to hear more of your reviews. Hope you’re having a fabulous week! xxoo

  5. That sounds awesome, I have never done anything like that but I wish I could as well as I’m currently trying to get ready for my wedding..

    I just got a facial the other day. So relaxing, just what I needed 🙂 Enjoy!

  6. You so made me laugh about Dori being your personal CF guru! Too freakin funny! I think I want a second wedding so I can have an excuse to do a bridal boot camp. I didn’t even get in shape for my wedding… so does that mean I can do a bridal boot camp now?

  7. I love Core Fusion too! I felt like I was cheating on Physique 57 when I first went to their classes, but I think I love them both equally. I did the 7-day challenge with Exhale and did 6 CF classes in 7 days, including yoga, open and cardio. Between that and a Blueprint Cleanse at the end of the 7 days, I felt a-may-zing! I got the DVDs to do now that I’m in Vermont and I’ve even gotten my mom hooked on them!

    • That’s so great!!! How do you like the DVDs?? That’s amazing that you got your mom hooked on them too! I feel so lucky to live near the studios and be able to go to the actual classes but the DVD’s are such an amazing option!!

  8. Wow that sounds awesome! Who doesn’t tell you to eat whole foods? It can be so hard though:( Goos luck this sounds like a fun program that keeps you excited about getting fit for your day!

  9. Yay! A fellow Exhale junkie! I love Core Fusion Cardio the MOST but as of late have been getting back into the old school “open” classes – *try Michael Lowery, Bergen and Catherine Hesse – they are three of my faves.

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