Days 1-2

That won’t get old right? As in “Day 67″….Let’s see. Easy start after a rest day yesterday (my favorite kind of day) following a bachelorette weekend in Vegas to celebrate my new sisterrrrr (as of August! well already in spirit but let’s make it official then, yes?) SO while I wish I was still at Tao, Tryst, Marquee, Encore Beach Club and various other places enjoying non-Marathon appropriate beverages, here I am in swampy 100000 degree NYC trying to get some training in. Today was a quick 2.75 mile jaunt in the AM and tonight twill be a 1 hour full body training session. I miscalculated the route which was ending at my favorite coffee shop in my new hood and unapologetically stopped short of 3 miles to get an iced bev. Again, I want to say I’m sorry, but that would be a lie. Hydration is important in marathon training, yes or yes?

What’s YOUR hydrating strategy? Maybe it’s wine or margaritas or maybe you drink that stuff called NUUN that real runners seem to talk about? Please enlighten me since wine in my water bottle is ideal, but unlikely to allow me to WIN the marathon (which I am clearly poised to do post 2.75 mile run.) DISCUSS

Image(Drinking unapproved marathon beverages at Encore Beach Club. Take me back.)


One thought on “Days 1-2

  1. I just picked up some NUUN to bring along for the Spartan Race and then never used it. Gonna test it when I get into the longer miles of my half training!

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