Day 3 – It’s Hot in Herrrre

Oh, so you’re not tired of hearing how hot it is? Good!! You want to hear about my dress sticking to my back on my walk to the subway (I think i got burnt, it’s a 4 minute walk…maybe it will fade to a tan…) Ok well I am sick of it so I’ll stop right there. But suffice to say this heat is bananaaaagrams. That is all.

Today was an upper body strength training session w/some abs thrown in for good measure. The AC at the gym was riding the struggle bus big-time (thanks to the lovely Michelle for this phrase which has quickly become my favorite way of describing myself, my dogs and everything in between…(“Blue is really riding the STRUGGLE BUS to listening and not mauling Jersey today…” “I am a permanent member of the STRUGGLE BUS unless I get a glass of wine in me…” Etc.)

And although this scintillating content-rich post doesn’t NEED anything to make it more life altering or utterly inspiring (#inspired !!!!) , I will end with a picture of my Old English Sheepdog puppy (Brooklyn Blue aka Blue aka NO! STOP! DON’T DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!! who is practically blind he needs a haircut so badly. I thought they only cure for that kind of fro-age (until he gets his hair did) is a hair tie. My husband was furious. I shouldn’t have a male dog….


Tell me how you’re managing the heat, or complaining about it?? My strategy is a very dramatic sigh when I get into the AC of my office. And then wearing a sweater all day while complaining how cold the AC is. 


5 thoughts on “Day 3 – It’s Hot in Herrrre

  1. Struggle Bus! LOVE IT! New favorite phrase! I’m gonna use it in a sentence….after 6:20AM Refine Method this morning I’m going to be totally riding the struggle bus trying to stay on my spin bike and not fall off at Flywheel tonight 😉

    SO enjoying this whole blogging thing of yours! Keep ’em coming!

    Oh and the heat…..I’M SO OVER IT!

  2. I’m currently dripping sweat in my apt bc I decided it’d be great to live in a one BR on the third floor of an old house… yeah.. F this heat wave. 😉

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