Day 5 – Still hot

So weather report: It’s still hot.

Day 4 continued: had a pretty strugglebus run last night (on my part not hers, OBVIOUSLY) with the ever taller than me (which I can deeply appreciate being 5’9″) and wonderful Michelle . My plan (crafted by the speedy and lovely Jess  ) called for an “easy” 4 mile run which should have been, well, easy, minus the 97 degree temperatures at 7:45pm when we started our run. Cramping calfs and general lack of breathing ability in this weather led to a few more water and stretch breaks (SORRY AGAIN M!!!) than I would wish on my worst enemy. And I called it at 3.5. Sometimes when the strugglebus encourages you to walk home? You do. 

Day 5! Indoor activity!!! The gym finally got it’s act together and fixed the AC. Bliss. Today was a legs day, which was as one would imagine, painful. I foam rolled a bit after but still feel like my legs were steamrolled by the aforementioned bus. So tomorrow’s ‘easy’ 6 miles should be, uhm, not easy??

Since I don’t have an #inspiring picture of my beet red sweaty face from last night, I will offer you something else instead…


THE FRIDAY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wuhhhhhrtttt? It’s Fuhhhhridayyyy?

I have a way of communicating with my dog where I know exactly what she’s thinking and what tone she would speak in if she were human, so don’t worry about it, and you’re welcome.

So, please tell, when the strugglebus calls? Do you heed the call?? HAPPY FRIDAY! Hydrate with alcoholic beverages, it’s the only safe solution, really.

Also, does listening to the Elton John & Bill Joel Pandora stations at work all day make me awesome or lame? On second thought? Don’t answer that.








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