Day 10: Lift&Run

Ah Wednesday. Started off with a good old hour of leg exercises on the morning and ended with a lovely Hudson River jaunt (sun came out RIGHT as we were starting off, SO AWESOME!!!!!!!) The plan was to lift in the morning and run 4 at night. Ended up running 3.5 since my neck went berserk. Had wonderful company on the run and saw a turkey. A wild turkey. In the middle of Battery Park city. Michelle and I are convinced it was a fish that swam too long in the Hudson. And this is why I will never complete the NYC Triathlon. Right here. Not AT ALL because I can hardly swim and have an intense fear of biking in Manhattan. That’s NOT why. It’s because I’m afraid i’ll grow wings and scaley(er) feet swimming in the Hudson. So back off. GobbleGobble. 


What is the most wild animal you’ve seen running around?? The tall guy and I once chased a giant black bear (for a picture, that’s totally normal right) in NJ. And in South Africa we came very close to being charged by a rhino…so there’s that.





3 thoughts on “Day 10: Lift&Run

  1. All I saw today was a black squirrel. It was cute though! 🙂 There’s also a lot of ducks and geese in the pond area I run around. Typical suburban stuff.

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