Day 8 – Rainy ‘run’

Well, that didn’t go as planned! The plan, so to speak, was to make up my 6 mile run Monday night since my weekend events didn’t allow for that run. I headed out with the tall guy (the husband) with a dying garmin, rain and a ‘challenged’ stomach. Needless to say the garmin died, tall guy hurt his knee and with an injured running partner and no way to measure time or distance, uh I don’t think it was six miles 😉 The plan now is to add a run this week and not be a loser/not mess anything else up.

Running Forecast
Monday – 6 miles (uh, see above..)
Tuesday – Central Park speed work/run with my charity group
Wednesday – 1 hour weight lifting AM + 4 mile run PM
Thursday – Barre class
Friday – 1 hour weight lifting + 4 mile run
Saturday – 8 mile run/easy <– which for me means hard
Sunday – NadaGracias

So in unrelated news, Royal baby? Care or care less? I'm in the latter, hardcore. Discuss.



2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Rainy ‘run’

  1. I tried to run yesterday but got 1.5 miles in and flopped. So. much. humidity. I should’ve done it at the gym, womp womp. Good luck with your run tonight!!

    PS – hope the hubs’s knee is okay!

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