Day 9 – Some might call it a speed workout

I called it a “try not to collapse and die” workout. Met up with the Robinhood team (I have my own bib for the marathon but decided to fundrasie for Robinhood for kicks, if you would like to donate please feel free, but unfortunately my only readers are my parents and they already donated so this is awkward…Thanks Mom & Dad!!! ) I digress. I met up with a small group of mostly fast men in Central Park. The workout was 1/2 mile “fast” runs followed by 1 minute recovery. And then repeat. And there were hills. And I barley survived.


Oh sure, just a casual “meet here for a run”. That wasn’t a run, it was 6 damn sprints. Or ok, one sprint in my case and 5 jogs, but seriously stop being so technical about it….

I think I bombed this by all accounts of how people would view speed work who are actually runners, but I was at least happy i completed the workout with only a small amount of walking (hence the slower speeds towards the end). High expectations? Easy to please? Lame? Pick your poison. So I’ll go ahead and call it a success even though realistically/to real runners this would classify as a failure. Like that rationale?

The strugglebus ride looked like: 3:50 min (first 1/2 mile) then subsequently 4:10, 4:10, 4:30, 4:30, 4:45 <—-urhmmm….

It was “only” mothereffing 83 degrees last night, so turning brightredpurple was a little shameful, but whatevs. You’re welcome people on the subway I sat next to. The look of horror was hard to mask for them. Image

I also found this lovely quote (and I could have used some effing breeze last night) I thought I would share. Like some kind of inspiration situation for you. You’re welcome. #inspired


All the other people who are actually fast runners. So basically I’m going to win the marathon now, yes? Speed. Demon. 


So topic, discuss. Do you do speed work? How should you really do it (ie: not add almost a minute to your time for the final set, I imagine?) XO! 


6 thoughts on “Day 9 – Some might call it a speed workout

  1. I can’t even think about doing a sub-9 min mile pace, which you basically were doing for your half-mile sprints. So, you’re faster than at least one person you know! 😀

  2. I am terrible about ever doing speed work alone, so I signed up for one of Jackrabbit’s track programs this time. I’m definitely one of the slowest, but thankfully not THE slowest like in my high school track days. It’s hard to not get sucked into starting too fast to keep up with everyone else, but I try to remind myself to save enough energy to try to make the last set the fastest (even if it’s only by a second!).

    PS. Remember that time we ran long together last year? Let’s do it again soon.

    • PS I totally remember that and if you’re willing to slow down for me can we PLEASE PLEASE??? You are very wise, I also should wear a watch next time so I don’t rely on the faster people to tell me how slow I went probably and to pace myself better?? 😉 XOXO

  3. Oh gosh, this was totally me last week! At one point I just kept asking why I keep torturing myself like this! I did feel like a mega bad-ass super fast runner when I finished though, so that was nice. Well, I mean it would have been nicer if I could have actually still FELT my legs at that point but whatevs…

    Keep up the good work, chikita! That gold medal is SO yours! 🙂

    J. Parker

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